Your Checklist for Buying a Bunker System

Abstract of bunker and putting green.

System-wide changes to any place of business require a great deal of cost-benefit analysis, and this is especially true on a golf course. The landscape for each game should flow together seamlessly and have different systems and different styles of bunkers throughout the property can damage that effect. But once you’ve decided to change your bunker lining system, there are several choices available to you, some that offer more than others.


What are the three factors you should keep in mind when searching for a new bunker system?

How long will the system last before you have to replace it? Maintenance is a constant task at a golf course, but the materials you use to construct the course and to keep it well-formed should last for decades. Find a system that guarantees a design life of 25 years or more, as well as a long warranty to back it up.

Does the system do more than just line the bunker? Sand can be a very malleable material and everything from windstorms to rain can damage a sand trap or make it rippled and unpleasant to play golf near. Make sure your chosen bunker system can hold sand in place, drain the bunker of excess water, and keeps the soil out.

The more your bunker liner can do to self-maintain and traps even after large storms, the better you can keep the course running and the less human-powered maintenance you need for repairs. Good bunker liners not only keep your sand traps looking great, but they also should be an investment that reduces costs and increases profit. If you’re thinking about installing a bunker system, browse ZLINE’s selection of systems for more features and specifications.