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Best Seller! ZLINE's 2023 Lineup's newest addition, Xtreme - is our most exceptional bunker liner yet. Our top-of-the-line liner boasts outstanding quality and performance that surpass all other liners currently available in the market. We recognized a demand for a premium material that could withstand extreme bunker designs and delivered with Xtreme.

Our liner is unparalleled because we prioritize holding sand in place. While other liners merely claim to prevent sand from shifting, we specifically engineered our material with this function in mind. Trust us to provide the ultimate solution for your bunker needs with Xtreme.

Xtreme is ideal for your bunker renovation or golf construction project, it offers a longer and denser fiber count than any of our other bunker liners and the backing has additional netting manufactured into the substrate for added strength to handle subgrade movement and installation on severe slopes.

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  • Engineered for use on steep slopes with high flashed sand lines

  • Superior sand retainment capabilities

  • Works well in all climates

  • Pliable, adapts to ground movement ¬†easily

  • Liner base eliminates erosion within a bunker

  • Eliminates sub-surface contamination

  • Protects from wildlife burrowing in bunker floor

  • Does not shred, tear, or rot.

  • Extends drainage life span

  • Extends bunker sand lifespan

  • Reduces maintenance labor and material costs

  • Produces a true ROI

  • 15-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Sand Match color system is currently available.

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Count on ZLINE to safeguard your bunkers with our top-of-the-line liner built to withstand even the harshest conditions, from blistering desert heat to subzero temperatures. With its unparalleled construction, our liner guarantees to endure the most demanding elements for an impressive 15 years - the leading warranty in the industry.

Trust in ZLINE's unyielding commitment to protecting your investment.

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