Why ZLINE Bunker Systems?

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ZLINE Bunker Systems' unique patented solution is fabricated from non-degradable, synthetic material manufactured to precision specifications and capable of standing up to the most rigorous environmental conditions.  It is designed to be a permanent bunker solution that delivers washout prevention by locking the base of your sand layer within the protruding fibers and extends the lifespan of all your bunker components by providing complete bunker cavity protection.

The material comes professionally packaged for protection and is ready to install upon arrival at your site. Installation is simple, requiring only the placement of the 3 main components, edging, floor liner, and the drainage solution. Seams are stapled and sealed with an adhesive sealant.

This liner system doesn’t require any special heavy equipment, spray machines, or certified installation crews. You do not risk the damage of having tractors and dumpers driving around your course hauling gravel or concrete to fill your bunker cavities and it can be installed in adverse weather conditions.

The material is truly flexible, allowing it to easily contour to the curves and contours of your bunkers while being strong enough to withstand accidental bunker machine contact, burrowing animals, and extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, maintaining your bunkers has never been easier. Trimming bunker edges is easily achieved with a string trimmer with no risk of damaging the liner material. It is common for many superintendents to utilize growth inhibitors around the bunker perimeter to further aid in an improved bunker maintenance regimen. Bunker floors are now easily probed with the floor liner providing a solid base to accurately probe and shifting sand is minimized with the advanced sand retention capabilities of the floor liner designs.

Our bunker liners are incredibly strong but easy on your golf clubs. ZLINES' Bunker floor material will not damage your golf clubs if you hit the liner and best of all reduces the risk of golfer injury if they were to hit this material when compared to the impact of a hardscape type liner system.

Featured in the Golf Course Architecture, Golfdom, Golf Course Industry, and Golf Course Trades publications, ZLINE Bunker Systems is revolutionizing the standards of bunker lining and protection. It is a simple, superior solution to what has become a complex issue.

Our systems can be easily installed by contractors or end users alike. To provide an easy way to calculate the cost of your Zline Bunker System installation, an experienced 5-man crew can install 2400 SF of material in 8 hours.

Using $20 per man hour X 5= $100 per Hr. X 8 Hrs= $800 labor for 2400 SF. Which would equal roughly $0.33 per SF installed.



Our patented EZ Edge product is the golf course industry's leading bunker edge product.

Being the most advanced edging system on the market it's easy to see how the system works from the outside edge in.

Along the edges, EZ Edge is placed to provide superior edge protection and stabilization. This vital component helps encapsulate the entire bunker cavity to leave no weak or exposed points to erode or deteriorate.

EZ Edge is simply unrolled and laid out around your bunker then easily secured with staples. The upper mesh portion of the EZ Edge is placed under the turf, creating a seamless edge while allowing the roots to thrive through the permeable mesh material.

The vertical portion of the edging is manufactured in such a way that the floor liner can be tucked between the exposed vertical edge material and the backing material (in essence sandwiching the floor liner between the 2 materials) to prevent any contamination behind or under the floor liner. This is the only edging material available that offers this protection where other systems may fail.

The base material of the edging system extends onto the bunker floor roughly 12" and creates a clean seam edge to apply sealant and secure the floor liner connection.

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We have spent countless hours testing different liner designs. The science of achieving the correct length and density of fiber to allow sand to drift in place is no easy task. Fibers too long easily bend over and limit sand penetration throughout the liner.

If the fiber density is too thick then sand sits on top of the liner without penetrating into the fibers. Just because a liner is dense and thick does not mean the function is better, but precisely the opposite. We do not utilize an off-the-shelf product, all our liner products are designed and stringently tested to assure their proper function.


We have designed an extremely durable floor liner with the specific function of locking sand in place even on the steepest of slopes. It is manufactured utilizing durable and strong polyethylene and polypropylene materials with a lifespan of upward of 30 years.

The liner has fibers that protrude from the backing similar to a synthetic turf that allows the sand to sift between the fibers and lock the sand layer in place. This method is extremely effective in holding sand in place throughout the bunker.

The tough backing of the liner provides bunker floor stabilization while offering unparalleled bunker protection.

Drainage is a vital component of the golf course sand trap. We utilize a product we developed called Gravel Gaurd Mesh which we cap your drainage gravel once the drain tile is in place.

This serves 2 purposes, it creates a barrier to eliminate gravel contamination into your bunker sand and prevents contamination of the drainage gravel which can reduce the life span of your drainage system.

For those customers who prefer an open gravel system, we provide a geotextile to line your drain trench with before the drain tile is installed. Gravel is installed slightly below bunker floor level so bunker sand is not easily contaminated.

Regardless of the method you prefer, your bunker lining system will still be sealed leaving no exposed subgrade to contaminate your sand.

It is our belief that the drainage system functions best when the drainage can remove water from both above and below the liner system A non-permeable drain trench liner has proven to allow sub-surface water to gather under the liner since the drainage trench cannot accept the water with a non-permeable liner.

Make sure you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of whichever system you may choose to purchase.


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Our Bunker Liner Systems provide a complete solution for the protection of your golf course bunkers. Our system is an accumulation of years of trials and testing to deliver the best dollar-for-dollar liner system available.

Industry leading protection that provides complete bunker cavity protection without comprimise.

The benefits of our systems are not only proven to protect your bunkers, they also create a yearly savings that will pay for the lining system in a short number of years.


At ZLINE Products, we are committed to providing the best customer service experience possible. All our customers will receive personalized assistance and advice in order to help them find the right solution for their liner needs. With our knowledgeable and friendly staff, you can rest assured that all your questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

So don’t hesitate – join with others and see what makes ZLINE an industry leader !