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Our patented EZ Edge product is the golf course industries leading bunker edge product.

bunker edging

With the most advanced edging system on the market its easy to see how the system works from the outside edge in.

The edging is manufactured in such a way that it works similar to roofing tiles, the materials overlap each other and do not allow penetration under the edging or create any weak point where other systems may fail.

EZ Edge is simply unrolled and laid out around your bunker then easily secured with staples. The top portion is a mesh will be under the turf and will be permently secured as the roots establish creating a fail safe bunker edge.


Drainage is a vital component to the golf course sand trap. We utilize a product we developed called Gravel Gaurd Mesh which we cap your drainage gravel once the drain tile is in place.

This serves 2 purposes, it creates a barrier to eliminate gravel contamination into your bunker sand and prevent fines from your sand profile migrating into the drainage gravel which can reduce the life span of your drainge system.

bunker drainage

In leiu of the mesh we also frequently use a geotextile to cap the gravel with the same purpoase in mind.

Those customers that prefer an open gravel system we provide a geotextile to line your drain trench with before the drain tile is installed.

Regardless of the method you prefer, your bunker lining system will still be sealed leaving no exposed sub grade to contaminate your sand.

It is our belief that the drainage system functions best when the drainage can remove water from above or below the liner system.

Make sure you are aware of the advantages and dis-advantages of which ever system you may choose to purchase.

bunker lining
bunker floor liner

We have spent countless hours testing different liner designs. The science of acheiving the correct length and density of fiber to allow sand to drift in place is no easy task. Fibers to long easily bend over and limit sand penetration throughout the liner.

If fiber density is too thick then sand sits on top of the liner without penetrating into the fibers. Just becasue a liner is dense and thick does not mean the function is better, but precisely the opposite. We do not utilize an off the shelf product, all our liner products are designed and stringently tested to assure their proper function.


We have designed an extremely durable floor liner that is designed to lock sand in place even on the steepest of slopes. It has fibers that protrude from the backing similar to a synthetic turf that allows the sand to sift between the fibers and lock the sand layer in place. This method is extremely effective in holding sand in place throughout the bunker.

The material comes in rolls and is easily rolled out through out the bunker. The liner has a seam edge on one side which allows the next section of liner to overlap onto it.

The seams are sealed with an adhesive/ sealant to prevent any water penetration through the liner seam then stapled along the seam to hold the liner in place.

The liner is trimmed at the base of the edging and overlapped onto the drainage mesh or rolled into the trench depending on which drainage method you choose.

hybrid bunker liner

Join the countless others across America utilizing our systems and choosing to protect their bunkers with the fastest growing bunker liner company in America.

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