What is EZ Edge?

Zline EZ Edge

EZ Edge

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Our patented E-Z Edge as your next bunker upgrade. E-Z Edge not only protects bunker edges but also keeps perimeter turf healthy, radiant green. Course bunkers will be revitalized with this easily to install addition.E-Z Edge is manufactured by ZLINE Products. ZLOC mesh facilitates deep root penetration and is water permeable, allowing turf to remain sturdy and hydrated. ZLOC mesh is utilized on the outer portion of the bunker lip beneath turf. Installation is environmentally friendly, requiring no adhesives. Tufted fiber mesh is customized to any width to accommodate unique bunker lips such as gravel or hard liners.


E-Z Edge prevents bunker edges from unnecessary damage and eventual breakdown. Edging prolongs the life of the bunker by stabilizing the exposed edges. Edging can be added to bunkers at any time; newly    installed, during renovation, or as an addition. E-Z Edge can be installed to a bunker with or without floor lining. Edging is a stand-alone product. Bunker edging maintains a compact, firm boarder.  It is important to select a liner based on region where the course is located and based on durability of the liner. Professionals at ZLINE can assist to select the most appropriate liner for course bunkers.


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