Three Reasons to Schedule Your Bunker Renovation This Fall


Three Reasons to Schedule Your Bunker Renovation This Fall
Renovating your golf course involves a series of trade-offs. Renovations cost money up-front, but they can save your course money long-term and bring in new business. Renovations disrupt your customers’ ability to play, but you can pick the times and areas to minimize disruption. Once you know that renovations are worth any resulting costs, make sure you schedule the projects for the early fall. Here are three reasons why:

Three Reasons to Schedule Your Bunker Renovation This Fall

1. Fewer golfers are playing.

There are a lot of golfers in the spring and summer, but that peak season winds down as the calendar turns toward fall. That means you can schedule bigger renovation and construction projects without losing out on high revenue periods. Some projects hardly disrupt the course, and players can easily work around those. So schedule small improvements first and bigger ones later when there’s even less traffic.

2. Worry less about any disruptive weather.

But there’s still a time limit on when projects need to be completed by. Bad weather won’t wait for the official start of winter. The further north your golf course is the smaller your window of time. That means it might be better to schedule the bigger projects as soon as possible so everything is finalized before a surprise snowstorm or temperature drop.

Hurricane season is also wrapping up at this point of the year. If you didn’t want to start renovations because you’re too near the coast to risk interference from a tropical storm, now is a perfect time.

3. It’s after peak renovation time.

Many golf courses schedule massive projects for the summer months. Even though that strategy could decrease revenue in the short-term, it guarantees that the projects get done with few weather problems. So schedule your projects for slightly later. Not only is there less demand for labor, but you might also benefit from excess materials being on sale.

If your big project for the year is getting better bunkers, contact ZLINE Bunker Systems to get started.