Three Key Elements Golf Bunker Liner

golf shot from sand bunker golfer hitting ball from hazard

Having crisp, clean sand bunkers scattered throughout a golf course’s green fairway is an iconic element of every golf course. And while those bunkers, or sand traps, offer just the right edge of difficulty and challenge to keep a golf game engaging and to keep your course looking beautiful, these bunkers can also be one of the most expensive and labor-intensive parts of your golf course to maintain. Proactively constructing or modifying your bunkers with the right golf bunker liner can save you on future expenses and headaches. Here are three key elements to finding the right bunker liner that can keep your courses in pristine condition with minimal damage over time:


  • Will it keep your sand traps separate from the native environment around it? The primary reason you would line a bunker in the first place is to create a barrier so that your sand trap stays place and to prevent other materials from mixing in with the sand. Specifically, a bunker liner should eliminate drainage gravel and rocks from entering the sand and should also prevent sand from escaping into the soil around it.
  • A bunker liner should help the sand trap keep its shape in all dimensions. Unless it is contained, sand can easily shift and blow around, muddying the clean, crisp lines of your bunkers. A strong bunker liner will stabilize the edges and bunker floor to reduce the erosion and shifting of sand. It should also help hold sand in place on the slopes of your bunkers, whether they are steep or have mild inclines.
  • Is it long-lasting? You shouldn’t have to replace your bumper liner very often. A quality liner should come with a long warranty in the event of damage, and it should also have a lot of tensile strength for the wear and tear golf courses regularly face. It, especially around the edges, should be resistant to machinery damage but should also be resistant to burrowing animal over the whole of this area.

A good bunker liner means that you shouldn’t have to worry about the structure or integrity of your bunkers. If you’d like to learn more about ZLINE Bunker Systems’s products, please contact us here.