Straight Line Systems: How They Can Improve Your Golf Course


As the game of golf continues to grow in popularity, proper course maintenance becomes more and more important. This is where straight line systems can improve your golf course. They are specifically designed to provide the proper assistance for courses with certain bunkers.

Straight Line Systems: How They Can Improve Your Golf Course

Courses without high flashed sand lines tend to benefit most from straight line systems. Straight line systems offer the level of sustainability and protection that is needed in order to keep the golf course looking its best.

As long as the slope of the area is 20 degrees or less, the straight line system provides the same holding power as the premium systems that we have to offer. Because of the synthetic turfed fibers, these systems can be offered at a lower price point than the premium option.

This is a major boon to those who are looking to maintain their course while also adhering to their budget. If any issues are to occur within the first eight years of owning the straight line system, the manufacturer’s warranty is able to offer the necessary coverage.

When it comes to bunker lining options that are designed to keep the sand in place, a straight line system is one of the best choices to make. If larger rainfalls take place, the sand within the bunker will rise.

Thanks to these bunker lining systems, the sand does not rise onto the course. With the use of a straight line system, the sand is directed to the correct location and this reduces the amount of cleanup that needs to take place after a bigger storm has taken place. The water drains more quickly and most if not all flooding issues are avoided.

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