Straight Line Bunker Liner

Our Straight Line bunker liner is an affordable solution for bunkers with moderate slopes. Like our High Line bunker liner, this liner is designed to mitigate erosion by aiding the sand in adhering against slopes, however it has shorter fibers along the surface of the liner, which will only provide traction for sand on slopes up to 20 degrees. The Straight Line liner can be paired with other liners to create a hybrid liner system.

Straight Line Bunker Liner Features

  • This system of ours is specifically designed for courses with bunkers that do not have the high-flashed sand lines but do require the same level of protection and sustainability.
  • This system offers the same holding power as that of our premium liner on slopes of up to 20 degrees.
  • This system has shorter synthetic tufted fibers; however, it does not require the additional geo-textile material as our premium system, thus allowing us to offer this product at a lower price point as compared to our High Line product.
  • We offer an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product.