Reduce Costs with Your Bunker’s Design

Heart shaped sand bunker in front of red flag of golf hole on beautiful course at sunset illustrating love for game of golf

Recurring costs can have a draining effect on your golf course. With autumn on its way, it seems impossible to avoid the rain, wind, and bad weather the season brings along with it, as well as the resulting high maintenance costs. But if you’re in the middle of redesigning or updating parts of your course, this is the perfect opportunity to use design elements that reduce the destructive power of bad weather on bunkers.


What are some design steps for easy bunker maintenance?

  • Have flat bunkers where you can. Not every sand trap on your course has to be a flashed bunker with steep sides. In fact, having too many difficult obstacles through your courses could deter casual golfers who are out for a leisurely or social game. Flat bunkers are easier to maintain because they don’t expose sides to wind and the sandy faces don’t erode or shift as easily.
  • Choose a liner that can withstand your maintenance equipment. Soft liners can get caught in mechanical rakes and mowers, and once they rip your sand will be exposed to dirt and natural debris. Choosing a sturdier liner that can maintain a firm barrier between the grass and the sand is the best choice for daily and weekly maintenance routines.
  • Have different bunker liners for different sand traps. One of the easiest ways to keep sand in place is to have traps that have a twenty-five-degree incline or less, but sometimes steep traps are called for. In those circumstances, find a liner that is built for steep angles and can grab onto the sand. Just like different areas of the course need different treatments, different sand traps should have specific materials.

No matter what part of the country you’re in, the change from summer to autumn can wreak havoc on your course. Shore up your sand traps with the bunker liners built to keep sand in place and your bunkers maintained with less effort. Get started at ZLINE Bunker Systems here.