Planning Bunker Renovations for the Next Season?

Newly raked sand trap at a golf course with the rake lying in the green grass beside it.

Planning Bunker Renovations for the Next Season?

Many golf course costs will always be recurring, especially when it comes to maintenance. The bunkers need to be cleaned, the grass needs to stay the right length, and trees need to be kept trimmed back where they don’t interfere with the course but still provide the right aesthetic. Short-term and long-term improvements can also interfere with setting up an annual budget. Not only is it difficult to predict varying expenses, finding the right mix of long-term costs that substantively reduce short-term but recurring costs is tricky. If you’re looking for new liners and trying to find the right ones for your budget, make two budgets.


Forecast the long-term costs of different liners.

If you have an established golf course, it’s much easier to think in the long term. But even if your course has only been around for a couple of years, long-term thinking can put your budget in perspective. Create two possible spreadsheets: one in which you purchase a longer-lasting liner with all the features you could want: fibers that can stand up to pests and machines, a surface that grips onto the sand, even on an incline, and good drainage. Make the budget timeline the same as the approximate life of the liner.

Then, on the second spreadsheet, create a spreadsheet that features either a progression of your current liner and maintenance spending or an alternate plan. Keep the timeline and all other features, such as course size, hole difficulty, and traffic the same. Whichever spreadsheet has less long-term spending is the better course of action.

Other factors might impact your decision. Frequent downtime that turns customers away might make you lean more in favor of a longer-lasting liner system. But an uncertain business future might make you consider more short-term products. Go to ZLINE Bunker Systems to find more features and benefits of our longer-lasting bunker liners.