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All bunkers are not created equally, there is no one-liner that fits all bunker styles and budgets.

Our Low Line bunker liner is an affordable solution for bunkers with mild slopes and all bunker floor types.

While changing this design to fit the different styles of bunkers, it also allowed us to produce a material with a lower price point so customers were not paying for a liner type they do not need.

It offers the same quality construction as all our premium liners, but the design utilizes a different fiber configuration that is best suited for milder applications.

This material works well as a stand-alone product in a hybrid configuration when paired with other liners.


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  • Engineered for bunkers with reasonable sand lines and moderate slopes.

  • Good sand retainment capabilities

  • Works well in all climates.

  • Pliable and easily adapts to ground movement.

  • Liner base eliminates erosion within the bunker.

  • Eliminates sub-surface contamination.

  • Protects from wildlife burrowing in bunker floor.

  • Does not shred, tear, or rot.

  • Extends drainage life span.

  • Extends bunker sand lifespan.

  • Reduces maintenance labor and material costs.

  • Produces a true ROI.

  • This liner comes with a 15-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Sand Match available.

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