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Discover premium bunker solutions designed to enhance your golf course’s aesthetics and performance.

What's the Deal with Bunker Liner?

  • It helps stabilize the bunker floor
    Protects against bunker floor erosion
  • Eliminates sub-surface contamination
  • Flexible adapts to any soil type
  • It can be used in any climate
  • It helps prevent wildlife damage
  • Extends bunker sand lifespan
  • Extends drainage lifespan
  • Helps shuttle water to drain trenches faster
  • Excellent for a hybrid system
  • Allows for easy depth checks by maintenance staff
  • It comes in 12ft 100 ft rolls to cover larger areas.


 ONE PRICE gives you the complete system!

Scroll down to see the industry-leading   Bunker Liner Systems.

Xtreme Bunker Liner

 Xtreme – is our most exceptional bunker liner yet. Our top-of-the-line liner boasts outstanding quality and performance, surpassing all other available liners. This premium material can withstand extreme bunker designs and is delivered with Xtreme.

Our liner is unparalleled because we prioritize holding sand in place. While other liners merely claim to prevent sand from shifting, we specifically engineered our material with this function in mind. Trust us to provide the ultimate solution for your bunker needs with Xtreme.

Xtreme for your bunker renovation or golf construction project offers a more prolonged and denser fiber count than any of our other bunker liners. The backing has additional netting manufactured into the substrate for added strength to handle subgrade movement and installation on severe slopes.

High Line Bunker Liner

 High Line bunker liner is the ultimate solution for superior sand retention and sub-surface erosion protection as one of the industry standards for architects, management, and construction companies alike.  With this system’s complete bunker cavity coverage and no compromises in protection, High Line is the top choice for your bunker project.

With its affordable price tag, versatility, and compatibility with any bunker design style, climate, and budget, this liner is the ultimate investment for confident and worry-free bunker construction.

Low Line Bunker Liner

All bunkers are not created equally; no one-liner fits all bunker styles and budgets.

Our Low Line bunker liner is affordable for bunkers with mild slopes and all bunker floor types.
Changing this design to fit the different styles of bunkers also allowed us to produce a material with a lower price point, so customers were not paying for a liner type they did not need.

It offers the same quality construction as all our premium liners, but the design utilizes a different fiber configuration best suited for milder applications. This material works well as a stand-alone product or in a hybrid configuration when paired with other liners.

Flat Line Bunker Liner

Flat Line is designed to provide superior bunker floor protection. It is commonly used alone on bunkers with flat bottoms and mild slopes. However, it does not have the sand retention capabilities of our other offerings, so use on steep, long slopes would not be recommended as a stand-alone system.

This material is solid and nonpermeable, and a proprietary coating creates a powerful, long-lasting product.

No other liner offers the same level of protection for dollar value for comparable materials in this price range.

Range Line Bunker Liner

Introducing ZLINE’s RANGE LINE thus, enhanced design. This liner offers a superior option for Driving Range bunkers, replacing sand, and eliminating the need for daily maintenance, repairs, and sand replacement.

With the same visual effect as a sand bunker but at an affordable cost, it’s the perfect choice for those seeking to streamline their driving range or practice facility operations.

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