How to appreciated your bunkers?


There are golf courses that are visually stunning, aesthetically pleasing and many that look more like paintings than reality. Golf courses offer brilliant green fairways, sculpted shaped greens and a wonderful variety of water hazards that have been perfectly designed. All of those are great characteristics of a good course, but none of them have the impact or magical power of golf course bunkers.

With the right bunker placement, the ordinary can become obscenely difficult. A carefully planned golf bunker can create an obstacle at nearly any location on the course, change shots and test every skill of a golfer. The visual accents provided by bunkers are also a magical part of the landscape unique only to the game of golf.

Not every course needs to have the 900 plus bunkers like those found at Whistling Straits, but no golf course is complete, feels or looks like a golf course without bunkers. Take away those ponds or creeks and a golf course can still present itself as beautiful and challenging. Remove many of those trees or that heavy deep green rough and golf courses still go unharmed, links courses are examples of that. Yet, a course without a bunker is incomplete, missing something almost – magical?

All of this means that having golf bunkers that drain well, that hold their form and present themselves as beautifully treacherous obstacles is vital to the success of any course. Good design, the right bunker liner system, and quality construction are the keys to creating attractive and durable bunkers. If you want to know more about building, adding or improving your golf course bunkers then contact us.


We love golf, appreciate the importance of bunkers and we want your bunkers to be magical too!