How Steep Are Your Bunkers?

Golf course in a tropical resort

Even though most golf courses have the same components — long, winding fairways, tricky, steep bunkers for an element of challenge, and picturesque edges of creeks and trees — each golf course has a unique mixture of these elements and more in order to create the best golf experience for their customers. Whether your golf course is exclusively for beginners, is meant for more advanced or professional players, or has a mix of courses meant for any golf player, your sand traps are made to match a course’s difficulty based on their angle of incline. When you’re looking for the best bumper liner for either your gently sloping sand traps or you’re more steeply inclining ones, ZLINE Bunker Systems can help you find the right one for your bunkers.


Do you need a high line bunker liner? ZLINE’s High Line system has a premium synthetic premium liner that can stand up and hold sand at steep slopes of up to 33 degrees in either direction. The product’s specifically designed texture can grab onto the particles of sand and hold the shape of your bunker to ensure pristine condition.

Do you need a straight line bunker liner? If you have more gently sloping bunkers that rise or fall at 20 degrees, this bunker liner is for you. It offers the same durability and structural protection as our premium high line bunker liner but at a lower price point due to the mildness of your bunker’s incline.

A good bunker liner means that you shouldn’t have to worry about the structure or integrity of your bunkers, regardless of their incline. If you’d like to learn more about ZLINE Bunker Systems’s products, please contact us here for more information and suggestions on keeping your bunkers contained.