How Our High Line System Can Assist You


How Our High Line System Can Assist You

ZLINE Bunker Systems offers clients the chance to choose from a wide range of options. The high line system is often selected by those who wish to maintain their course and are seeking the highest possible quality. So how can our high line system assist you? Let us count the ways!

How Our High Line System Can Assist You


When you purchase a high line bunker lining system, you can rest assured. Its durability cannot be matched. There is no shredding, rotting or tearing to speak of.

Standing Behind Our Products

Those who decide to purchase a high line bunking lining system from ZLINE are able to enjoy all of the benefits associated with our ten-year warranty. The length of this warranty speaks to the level of confidence that we have. We are more than willing to stand behind our products over the long haul.

Protection From Rainfall

If rainfall takes place on the golf course, this can cause a number of different issues. The sand will often rise and spill out onto the course. This makes for a more difficult cleanup process. Thanks to high line systems, this is a problem that you will no longer have to address.

Assistance With Steeper Slopes

Should the golf course come equipped with steeper slopes, the high line system is the best choice. Thanks to its multi-length synthetic fibers, a high line system makes sure that all of the sand stays in place at all times. With the thin geotextile that has been bonded into the interior base, those who purchase a high line system have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are always safe.

Would you like to learn more about all of the ways that our high line system can assist you? If so, please be sure to contact our helpful experts at ZLINE Bunker Systems.