High Line Bunker Liner

Our High Line bunker liner is ideal for sand traps that feature steep slopes. This liner is designed to mitigate erosion by aiding the sand in adhering against high-angle slopes. The High Line liner can be paired with other liners to create a hybrid liner system.

High Line Bunker Liner Features

  • Engineered for bunkers with high flashed sand lines and steeper slopes.
  • This is our premium liner and offers the maximum sand holding capabilities (+/- 33 degrees) of our current product line.
  • This product features synthetic tufted fibers that penetrate into the sand layer.
  • Sand particles migrate between the open tufted fibers, thereby allowing internal movement of water, while the sand itself is locked within the tufts.
  • Offers superior contamination protection.
  • Can be used with any drainage configuration.
  • Does not shred, tear, or rot.
  • This liner comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.