Get the Most for your Money with our High Line Bunker System

image of a golfer playing a chip shot onto the green on a golf course in south africa

ZLINE Bunker Systems provides high-quality golf course construction and maintenance for our customers. We provide high line and straight line bunkers that have been proven to be worth every cent, long-lasting, and high quality! Our High Line System is engineered to be not only budget-friendly but to be of the best quality.


Ten Year Warranty

We’re so confident in our product that we offer an impressive ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. Because the outside elements are hard on golf courses, we understand that keeping a professional appearance is a must but maintaining that can sometimes be one of the challenges. Our systems are built to last but we want to provide ease of mind for our loyal customers!


Our High Line System is able to hold sand on a slope of maximum 35-degrees. The premium liner can be installed at any slope below 35, making it perfect for customers who want a little less challenging bunker system.

Sand Stays Put

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this liner, this product offers multi-length synthetic turf fibers that keep sand in place. In the event of rainfall, this proves to have maximum sand retention. With the sand particles settling into the open turfed fibers this allows movement of water while keeping the sand in place.

Sand retention is boosted by our thin geotextile, which is bonded to the liner base. What this does is allow the sand particle’s rough edges to become wedged into. This liner provides our customers with the knowledge that they are truly getting the best liner for their money.

We offer full customization with our liners and work with our customers to provide the best quality and best experience. Whether you are a golf course owner, builder, or developer, we know we can provide exactly what you need.

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