Geo Mesh Fabrics

Multi-Purpose Bunker Additions

Keeping Sand Bunkers Neat and Clean

In conjunction with sand bunker liners, geo mesh fabrics can help maintain the durability of the course’s sand bunkers. Preventing erosion on steep slopes, locking in turf on high-angle slopes, and preventing sand or gravel from entering the drainage systems are some applications of geo mesh fabric. Zline Bunker Systems specializes in the installation of these fabrics, ensuring your bunker is durable for years to come.

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Benefits Of Geo Mesh Fabrics

  • Increased Bunker Durability
  • Decreased Maintenance Efforts
  • Decreased Erosion
  • Decreased Sand Loss In Drainage
  • Decreased Gravel Contamination

ZLOC Mesh Fabric

The ZLOC Mesh Fabric Material is utilized as an erosion control method for grass on steep slopes. The ZLOC Mesh is laid under the turf, which locks turf grass to the mesh as the roots penetrate through the material. This solution is great for keeping the turf in place on high-angle slopes. This provides benefits as the turf will not get droopy or destroyed from continual golfer swings at the surface.

Gravel Guard Mesh

The Gravel Guard is a high-strength mesh fabric that is used to cover gravel drainage trenches in your bunker. This eliminates gravel contamination in your sand while enabling water to filter through into your drainage system. This provides benefits as you will not have to uncover the drain to provide maintenance to it, which can cause issues to the pace of the golfers on the course.

Rolls are 20 inches wide to allow plenty of room to cover wide trenches. Custom widths can be special ordered.

Geo Mesh Fabric From Zline Bunker Systems

Mesh fabrics can be a great addition to any sand bunker, as they help hold the form and consistency that is desired out of a sand bunker. For the best installation and expertise on sand bunker liners and complementary products, be sure to contact Zline Bunker Systems. You can also get a direct quote from us on your upcoming project here.

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