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Flat line is now becoming the fastest selling product in the Zline Bunker Systems collection. This product is a unique, patent-pending material that is equipped with the same quality and value as all our premium liner products.

Flat Line is designed to provide superior bunker floor protection. It is commonly used alone on bunkers with flat bottoms and mild slopes. It does not have the sand retention capabilities as our other offerings, so use on steep long slopes would not be recommended as a stand alone system.

This material is solid and non permeable with proprietary coating used to create an incredible strong long lasting product. For comparable materials in this price range, no other liner offers the same level of protection or dollar for dollar value.



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  • Helps stabilize bunker floor

  • Protects against bunker floor erosion

  • Eliminates sub surface contamination

  • Flexible adapts to any soil type

  • Can be used in any climate

  • Helps prevent wildlife damage

  • Extends bunker sand lifespan

  • Extends drainage lifespan

  • Does not shred or tear easily

  • Helps shuttle water to drain trenches faster

  • Excellent for a hybrid system 

  • Allows for easy depth checks by maintenace staff

  • Comes in 12ft X100ft rolls to cover larger areas

  • Can easily be installed by end user

  • Best dollar for dollar value when compared to other fabric and fibrous type liners on the market.

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