We’re proud to announce the newest product in the Zline Bunker Systems collection, the Flat Line. This product is a unique, patent-pending material that is equipped with the same quality and value as our High Line and Straight Line offerings. The Flat Line is designed to provide superior lower bunker floor protection, as well as on mild slopes. Offering protection from contamination, subsurface saturation, and erosion, along with increased bunker floor stability is exactly what any high-quality bunker needs, and exactly what the Flat Line provides. Unlike many fabric bunker liners on the market, this material does not shred or tear due to use. For comparable materials in this price range, no other competitor has the same levels of protection or dollar for dollar value in their products.

Flat Line Bunker Liner Features

  • Engineered for the deepest floors and slightest slopes at the bottom of sand bunkers.
  • Used to assist in the drainage and stabilization of the bunker floor.
  • Protects against erosion, saturation, and contamination from the bunker.
  • Helps promote healthy and easy drainage after precipitation into the bunker.
  • Will not tear like other comparable products and materials.
  • Excellent for a hybrid system creation in any shaped sand bunker.