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Frequently Asked Questions

Xtreme, Highline and Lowline come in 7 foot wide rolls.

Flatline Rolls are supplied in 12 foot rolls with 1 foot of seam edge on the roll.

All rolls are wrapped in a protective material.

We do have several colors that we have already matched for common sands throughout the country though.

Bunker White – Bright White to match bright white sands.

Southwest 25/75 – Matches common 25/75 sand mix commonly used throughout the southwest states.

Texas Tan – This is a darker Brown – orangish color to match native sands used in Northern Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee.

Ohio White – This is a light Tan/ Off white color, Matched to high end sands coming out of the Ohio marketplace.

We do also offer Sand Match color matching.

Yes, just like any business we manage a typical stock reorder program and try and forecast sales trend so we always have material in place.

If you are aware of your project timeline it is always good to contact us and plan your order beforehand that way your material is set aside and ready for when your project is scheduled to begin.

All our premium liner products carry a 15 year material warranty and against material defects.


Any of our liner system products can be installed “in-house” by your staff. The installations techniques are very simple, and we are also happy to send an install tech to your location to spend a day with your team training them on the best installation methods.

Liner rolls cover an area of 600 square feet.

Flatline is supplied in 1200 square feet rolls.

We can send an installation tech to train your crew and show you best methods for a successful installation.


We can supply a demo bunker pallet that will have 1200 sf of material on it and all needed installation components.

We supply this free of charge.

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