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With the most advanced edging system on the market its easy to see how the system works from the outside edge in.

The edging is manufactured in such a way that it works similar to roofing tiles, the materials overlap each other and do not allow penetration under the edging or create any weak point where other systems may fail.

Make the transition between your sand traps and turf seamless and free from erosion with our E-Z Edge bunker edging material.

Best of all, our E-Z Edge system integrates with all of our bunker liners and will work with any bunker liner on the market.

bunker edging
Zline EZ Edge


  • Stabilizes bunker edge

  • ZLOC mesh portion is secured under turf eliminating chances of washing under liner.

  • Protects the bunker edge from breaking down or getting damaged.

  • Designed as a stand-alone product.

  • Eliminates many issues with liners on the market that offer no edge protection or poor termination of liner product.

  • Maintains a compact, clean, and crisp edge on the bunker.

  • Can be maintained with standard string trimmer.

  • Easy to install, requiring no adhesives.

  • This is a ZLINE exclusive patent-pending product that is manufactured in-house.

  • Can be used with any liner product.

  • Standard edge thickness is 4 inches, we can adjust this to any thickness needed.

Sand trap edging
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