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ZLINE BUNKER SYSTEMS component package - look no further

Looking for a comprehensive package for your bunker system? Look no further than ZLINE! Our package includes all the industry-leading components you need for one price – no upselling or bait-and-switch tactics here.

We've developed a special algorithm to calculate the correct quantities of each component unit you'll need for your project, and if you come up short on a particular item within a 10% variance, we'll ship you what you need free of charge (though the Bunker Floor liner is exempt from this offer).

Our system is designed to be easy to install for contractors and golf clubs, and we offer comprehensive training to help you get up to speed quickly. And if you're looking to purchase individual components for a customized system, we've got you covered too.


It's simple – we've designed, patented, and tested our system to function at high levels even in extreme weather conditions. We work with top-tier manufacturers to provide the best product and warranty in the industry and we've used our own material on our own projects, so we know what works best and how to make it cost-effective for our customers.

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 ONE PRICE gives you the complete system!

Scroll down to see the industry-leading comprehensive components list included in our Bunker Liner Systems.



bunker edging

EZ EDGE - Our patented edge solution

To protect the bunker edge and provide a termination point for the floor liner, simply unroll this material and staple it in place. It's designed to fit any depth or shape of bunker edge.

EZ Edge comes packaged in recyclable boxes that contain 5 rolls, with each roll measuring 50 feet in length. This industry-exclusive material is easy to use and provides industry-leading protection for your bunker edges.

GRAVEL GAURD MESH - Our drainage solution

To safeguard your gravel and prevent contamination of your bunker sand, this material is essential. It also aids in maintaining the USGA specification drainage system in your bunker.

To secure the material in place while the floor liner is being installed, it is simply rolled out over the gravel-filled trenches and stapled along the edges.

The material is available in a roll that is 300 feet long and 2 feet wide, and it is shipped with a protective wrapping.

Gravel Guard Mesh


We offer 6-inch galvanized staples that come in boxes of 1000 pieces. Our staples are hot dip galvanized, which provides better protection compared to the electro galvanizing process. This method is stronger and more durable. Additionally, our staples are manufactured in the USA.

ZTAC ADHESIVE - Zline exclusive adhesive sealant

This state-of-the-art MS polymer adhesive boasts exceptional adhesion and sealing abilities. Our ZTAC adhesive is specially designed to meet our standards, creating a remarkably robust bond while remaining highly flexible to accommodate any ground movement or bunker sub-grade settlement.

The adhesive material comes in sizable foil packets, which are then packed into 5-gallon pails. By simply snipping the corner of each individual foil packet, the adhesive can be dispensed with ease, much like using a grout bag. This innovative method saves installation time, requires fewer tools, and reduces the cleanup effort compared to traditional spatula and trowel methods commonly used in similar applications.


ZLINE BUNKER FLOOR LINER - The foundation to our system

When selecting a liner to protect your bunker floor, you can expect it to be delivered in protective packaging to shield it from harmful UV rays. While the liner's face and fibers have a protective coating, the backside does not. Therefore, prolonged exposure to sunlight can weaken the material's integrity.

Xtreme, Highline, and Lowline liners come in rolls measuring 7 feet wide and 100 feet long. Flatline is supplied in rolls 13 feet wide and 100 feet long. Rangeline is thicker and heavier, so it is available in rolls that are 7 feet wide and 50 feet long.

Each roll of liner has a seam edge manufactured into the liner edge that is approximately 8-12 inches wide, providing enough space to seam the liner pieces together.

SEAM TAPE - Why ours is the best

When you place an order with us, we provide a complete roll of seam tape. This tape is used to connect irregularly shaped pieces or to lay a section of liner in a different direction, particularly in cases where the factory seam edge has been trimmed off or is on the opposite side of the roll.

Our rolls measure approximately 300 feet in length and 1 foot in width. We take pride in offering the widest seam edges in the industry. A wider seam edge guarantees a secure and thorough bond for your seams. It is also easier to maintain cleanliness and allows for a more comprehensive application of adhesive. Other suppliers offer seam tape and edges ranging from 3-4 inches, but our wider seam edges provide superior assurance.

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A single liner system employs a single-liner type, which is cost-effective and ideal for deeper bunkers that lack wide floor areas, complex structures, irregular sand traps, and smaller sizes.

The single-liner system offers the simplest and most cost-effective solution and is the simplest to install.

However, if you have larger bunkers with a grand area of flat and mildly sloped surfaces a hybrid system may be an option for you.

We are here to provide information to help you decide what may be the right system for you and your golf course bunkers.

We also offer free onsite consultations and will provide demo bunker materials free of charge if you would like to test our product in advance of your purchase.


A hybrid system is a combination of two-liner products that work together to provide optimal bunker performance. Typically, a premium liner is used on slopes for its superior sand-holding capabilities, while a liner effective on softer slopes and flat areas is used on the lower portions of the bunker that do not require the same sand-holding ability. This system is commonly used as a cost-saving measure and is effective in the majority of bunkers.

However, it should be noted that hybrid systems are better suited for large bunkers with flatter bottoms. Deep bunkers with rounded floors, narrow designs, and small sizes are not ideal for hybrid systems, as it becomes too time-consuming and costly to splice the systems together in such tight quarters.

We can assemble a hybrid system from any of our liner products to provide a solution to your issues and work within your budget.

Hybrid bunker liner
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