Sand Bunker Liners Protect and Enhance

SandMatch Straightline Golf Bunker Design

Talk to experienced golf course maintenance and construction professionals, and they will agree that one of the best ways to maintain an aesthetically pleasing, playable course is by installing pro-active features into your course design. Golfers want to play a challenging game on a beautiful course; bunkers add strategic difficulty and project a rugged visual appeal throughout a pristine course. Bunkers, however, demand intense maintenance and financial obligation. Various raking methods ensure that bunkers are ready for day-to-day play. Beyond raking, the addition of a bunker liner can extend the long-term maintenance regime of your course’s bunkers.

Liners Protect Bunkers

With hundreds of bunkers to maintain on a single course, sand consistency is essential to play ability. Golfers anticipate balls landing on the bunker floor, rather than sticking amid the bunker edges. A bunker liner protects sand from contamination by soil, by keeping soil beneath and preventing soil erosion along bunker edges. Clean sand prevents wash-outs and drainage clogs because water can move through sand quickly and evenly. Golfers will enjoy the soft sand appeal both for play ability and look. Courses will spend money on a quality liner, thus saving money over time by preventing washouts, erosion, and sand replacement. Bunker liners are fully customizable. A liner can be added to an existing bunker, or easily installed during construction.

Golf Bunker Liner Weathers Storm

Courses throughout the US are renovating their bunkers to include liner systems. Adding liners during renovation at Cordillera Ranch in San Antonio not only significantly reduced the cost and workload associated with bunker maintenance, but also resulted in a significant improvement to handling spring rains. Director of agronomy, Mark Semm, reported that after the addition of liners recent spring rains no longer resulted in frantic calls to the maintenance department or washed-up pea gravel along bunkers. Liners provide tremendous improvement to bunker conditions and enable course staff to focus their maintenance energy on other areas of the course. Contact experienced, professional installers to add bunker liners to your course and allow your staff and golfers to enjoy the benefits.