Why Our New #1 Best-Selling Bunker Liner Systems?

 We offer the most durable Bunker Liners:     The liner systems have high tensile strength, ensuring the liners remain secure in all weather conditions. We also utilize a formulation that is designed to resist corrosion, rot, and UV damage, ensuring the golf bunker liners will last for years to come. We create our golf…

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What is EZ Edge?

Quality Material Our patented E-Z Edge as your next bunker upgrade. E-Z Edge not only protects bunker edges but also keeps perimeter turf healthy, radiant green. Course bunkers will be revitalized with this easily to install addition.E-Z Edge is manufactured by ZLINE Products. ZLOC mesh facilitates deep root penetration and is water permeable, allowing turf…

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How to keep weeds out of your bunkers?

Hybrid Highline and Flatline

Summer is solidly underway, and that means weeds are springing up everywhere. If your golf course just emerged under a heavy cover of snow, weeds are waking up to fill all of the exposed soil patches on your property. If summer temperatures have been the norm for the past few weeks, then weeds are currently…

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How to appreciated your bunkers?

There are golf courses that are visually stunning, aesthetically pleasing and many that look more like paintings than reality. Golf courses offer brilliant green fairways, sculpted shaped greens and a wonderful variety of water hazards that have been perfectly designed. All of those are great characteristics of a good course, but none of them have…

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Sand Bunker Liners Protect and Enhance

SandMatch Straightline Golf Bunker Design

Talk to experienced golf course maintenance and construction professionals, and they will agree that one of the best ways to maintain an aesthetically pleasing, playable course is by installing pro-active features into your course design. Golfers want to play a challenging game on a beautiful course; bunkers add strategic difficulty and project a rugged visual…

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How to Minimize Rodent Damage Near Golf Bunkers

Rodents cause damage everywhere they go. If you manage a golf course, there are a lot of spots where rodents can go to cause that destruction. Here are three ways to keep them away from your bunkers. Protect your bunkers with sturdy bunker liners Rodents like to chew their way through obstacles if they can’t…

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3 Key Ways to Approach Bunker Renovation

Over the last decade, the number of golf courses of varying levels of quality has increased exponentially. This has led to an evolution in the game of golf itself, but also most crucially it has changed the standards of the average player. It’s more important than ever to stand out. That’s why bunker renovation is…

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3 Reasons to Replace Your Bunker Liner this Winter


Bunker liners don’t last forever, and they tend to cause more and more problems as they reach the end of their lifespans. The edges might get frayed or torn by constant maintenance. There might be holes letting soil in and sand out. Maybe the bunker liner is just old and it’s time to find one…

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