We create custom bunker liner systems to meet your needs.


ZLINE’s products form the ideal solution to never-ending course maintenance issues and one of the most common complaints from golfers: poor bunker quality. We give your golf club the opportunity to drastically reduce the amount of labor and material costs associated with maintaining sand bunkers. This results in great savings for the club, while golfers gain an improved experience with well-maintained, clean, high-quality bunkers.

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Willy Plowman
CGCS Willow Fork Country Club

“During our 28 years with unlined bunkers, large portions of our time and labor expense were taken away from other expectations in our course conditions. With Houston’s unpredictable weather it’s not unusual to experience heavy rainfalls in a short amount of time and this was becoming a common problem with our bunkers. After installing Zline bunker Systems we now dedicate a minimal amount of labor time to repair bunkers after heavy rainfalls and our Membership is thrilled with the consistency and quality of play. Zline bunker Systems has proven to be a well-invested capital project.”


Randy Samoff
VP of Agronomy Southern Region, CBIGG Management

“The Houston area is a very tough place to maintain bunkers due to the amount and sometimes heavy flow of rainfall. Since our company took over the property we have averaged 70+” of rainfall each year. We needed a product that would stand up under those conditions. ZLine is a very durable product, one that can maintain the interface between underlying soil and bunker sand without mixing due to its impermeable makeup. The impermeable nature also allows water to move more freely down towards the drain lines and out of the bunker. We’ve had minimal washouts even after 2-4 inch rains.”


Todd Stephens, CGCS
Superintendent, Tour 18 Houston

“Here at Tour 18 Houston, our new bunkers with ZLINE Bunkers Systems handled Hurricane Harvey’s 42” of rainfall and flooding with no issues. We have gone from spending hours to spending minutes repairing bunkers and has proven itself to be very cost effective reducing labor and material costs.”


Dr. Michael J. Hurdzan, ASGCA
Hurdzan Golf Course Design

“I had no in-field experience with ZLINE Bunker Systems before my inspection of seven Houston (TX) area golf courses following Hurricane Harvey. I came away impressed by the relatively healthy condition of those sand bunkers employing the ZLINE Bunker System after 40”-50” of rain, flooding and hurricane conditions. Damage to unlined bunkers was devastating, and in many instances, will require completely rebuilding them to be playable again.

The bunkers lined with ZLINE Bunker Systems generally held their shape, edge and drainage integrity. The ZLINE bunkers required minimal work to shift any displaced sand back in place or to remove washed in debris. It is good for golf to have a company offering innovative products at a price point that makes bunker protection affordable.”


With our fully customizable system, we can modify and manufacture any part of the system to match the requirements of your golf course bunkers, and of course, your budget!


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