3 Ways to Make Your Bunkers Look More Appealing


We have listed 3 ways to make your bunker liners look more appealing to your golfers.

1. Place your golf bunkers in front of a hill instead of behind it.

Sometimes bunkers can be an unpleasant surprise, and that’s part of what makes a recreational game of golf exciting. But both amateur and advanced golfers get more joy out of the game when they can see the bunker coming. Position it so golfers see it well in advance and have to plan around it.

Also, if you’re going to invest time and money in keeping your bunkers clean and aesthetically pleasing, make sure they’re visible for as long as possible. You want them to pepper the course and add to the whole experience, not just be seen once.

2. Match the sand to your maintenance schedule.

White sand is the premium material for great-looking bunkers. When golfers see clean, white sand, they know they’re on a great course. But if the sand gets dirty and stays dirty, the value of that investment rapidly degrades.

Never get better-looking sand than your maintenance crew can adequately maintain. It’s far better to get USGA sand or tan-colored sand that needs less maintenance than to get expensive materials that need more attention than your company can give them.

Not only is white sand the first type to look dirty and unmaintained at the first delay, it’s the most expensive type of sand. Run the numbers to account for both long-term care, the initial materials, and replacement costs.

3. Help the bunkers hold onto the sand.

Steep bunkers make your course better. But steep bunkers also have a lot of sand displacement. Make sure you have a bunker liner that can grab onto the sand and lock it in place. Just like with your choice of material, you don’t want your investment in great bunkers to be compromised by daily wear.

Go to ZLINE Bunker Systems for liners that help protect your bunkers on both steep and mild hills, not just flat ground.