3 Reasons to Replace Your Bunker Liner this Winter


Bunker liners don’t last forever, and they tend to cause more and more problems as they reach the end of their lifespans. The edges might get frayed or torn by constant maintenance. There might be holes letting soil in and sand out. Maybe the bunker liner is just old and it’s time to find one updated quality. No matter the reason, schedule your golf bunker liner replacement for this winter. Here are three reasons why:

1. It’s probably time to replace the bunker sand, too.

Bunker sand needs to be replaced once or twice a decade. If you have white sand, you might be replacing it even more often. If it’s about time for new sand, use the opportunity to inspect the underlying liner. You might see signs of damage that were invisible while the sand was there. Because you’re already removing the sand, it makes replacing the liner easier than at any other time.

2. Winter is the perfect time for non-construction maintenance projects.

There are fewer golfers in winter, with makes it a great time for improvement projects. But construction projects that involve cement or strict timelines are difficult depending on your region’s weather. While that shortens the list of projects you can start in December and January, it doesn’t rule out improvements like adding bunker liners or designing future course changes.

3. Don’t let your liner fully give out.

If you know some of your bunker liners are wearing out, change them on your schedule. Don’t let them interfere with golfers during your peak visitor season or when other parts of your course are closed for construction. If you replace them early, you can control the disruption. You also have more time to research your options and find a long-term solution.

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