3 Dangers to Your Bunker Liners on Every Golf Course

View of sand bunker on the beautiful golf course in Thailand

Choosing your bunker liners is a big commitment, especially if you have multiple bunkers. Not only do the liners contribute to the overall quality of each course, it should be a choice you have to make only once a decade or so. 3 Dangers to Your Bunker Liners on Every Golf Course


What are the biggest dangers to your bunker liner?

  • Mechanical rakes and landscaping tools around the edge of your bunker: Mechanical blades and heavy-impact tools can wear through or rip the edge of your bunker liner. Many experts recommend alternative maintenance methods for your sand so it stays clean and circulated without risk to the infrastructure. Foot traffic and animals can also pose a risk to the edge of your bunker and liner. The best ways to preserve it are to avoid the tools with the highest risk of physical damage and to find a thick, durable liner material.
  • Gravity: Sand doesn’t like to stay stacked at an angle, especially if you have a steep or narrow trap. Find bunker liners that have tufted fibers to hold the sand in place for a strong foundation and geotextile material designed to grip sand. This not only keeps the use of the traps running smoothly but also minimizes exposure of the liner and any subsequent damage.
  • Time: Even the best liners need to be replaced eventually. Like for bunker liner and installation companies that have longlasting materials, and then choose the one that offers eight to ten-year warranties or more. The right liner company will help you have a trap that lasts through poor weather, high traffic, and shifting soil.

Keeping the factors that can damage bunker liners in mind helps you make the right choice. Go to ZLINE Bunker Systems here for more considerations and information.