2 Bunker Maintenance Problems to Look Out for in Autumn


Peak golfing season may be drawing to a close, but there are still several weeks of relaxing weather that’s perfect for golf. Stretch out that fall golfing season with a strong maintenance schedule so the quality of game play stays steady until the temperature drops. Here are two seasonal problems to stay on top of:

1. Add extra maintenance hours to clean up falling leaves.

The tree canopies at your golf course are turning red and orange. While that brings in golfers who like the beauty of the course during the fall, it means there’s going to be more leafy debris on the grounds. Even though there may be fewer customers arriving every day, you need to schedule extra rounds to keep the leaves off the course. This is especially vital near the bunkers because:

  • Leaves make the bunkers look dirty.
  • Leaves make the bunkers harder to use and affect the quality of the game.
  • Those leaves are starting to decompose. If you don’t catch them quickly, they’ll add moisture and rot to your sand that will be nearly impossible to remove later.

If you want an easier cleanup, plant evergreens near your bunkers, as well as other trees that don’t lose their leaves. Save the trees with color-changing leaves for the rest of the course.

2. Ward off burrowing pests.

The rodents in your area are getting ready for winter, and there’s no way to keep them entirely away from your course. All you can do is disincentive them from going near the bunkers. Look for a safe chemical spray so you can warn them away. Also, find a liner with strong, durable material that can’t be torn if a rodent tries to dig through it.

The right liner can help with both seasonal maintenance and problems that last all year long. Go to ZLINE Bunker Systems to find a liner that better protects your bunkers.