With our fully customizable system, we can modify and manufacture any part of the system to match the requirements of your golf course bunkers and of course, your budget!

ZLINE Bunker Systems is now offering advanced and patented product line to all golf-enthusiasts including golf course owners, developers, builders and golf course operators. Engineering advancements and our extensive experience in the business have allowed us to develop what can be rightly termed as the best dollar-for- dollar product on the market that offers a long-term sustainability.


  • Engineered for bunkers with high flashed sand lines and steeper slopes.
  • This is our premium liner and offers the maximum sand holding capabilities (+/- 33 degrees) of our current product line.
  • This product features synthetic tufted fibers that penetrate into the sand layer. Sand particles migrate between the open tufted fibers, thereby allowing internal movement of water, while the sand itself is locked within the tufts.
  • Offers superior contamination protection.
  • Can be used with any drainage configuration.
  • Does not shred, tear or rot.
  • This liner offers a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

High Line Bunker SystemHighline-Bunker-System


Straight Line Bunker Systems


This system of ours is specifically designed for courses with bunkers that do not have the high-flashed sand lines but do require the same level of protection and sustainability. This system offers the same holding power as that of our premium liner on slopes of up to 20 degrees. This system has shorter synthetic tufted fibers; however, it does not require the additional geo-textile material as our premium system, thus allowing us to offer this product at a lower price point as compared to our Highline product. We offer an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product.


E-Z Edge

  • ZLOC mesh is utilized on outer portion of bunker lip and is installed under turfgrass, allows deep
    root penetration and permeability allowing water to penetrate to root system, minimizing
    chances of your turf burning out during dry and warm seasons.
  • Protects the bunker edge from breaking down or getting damaged.
  • Designed to be utilized as a bunker edge stabilization device, installed as a stand-alone product.
    This product can be utilized without any bunker floor liner, or you can add bunker floor liner at a
    later date.
  • Can be utilized with any liner product. Eliminates many issues with liners on the market that offer
    no edge protection or poor termination of liner product.
  • Maintains a compact, clean and crisp edge on the bunker.
  • Easy to install, required no adhesives.
  • This is a ZLINE exclusive patent pending product that is manufactured inhouse by ZLINE Products.
    Tufted fiber portion of the edging can be produced in any width to accommodate gravel or hard
    liners or any custom application that may be needed.
  • Standard edge thickness is 5 inches, bottom inch should be buried in small anchor trench leaving
    4 inch lip exposed. This can easily be adjusted to whatever thickness you desire for your bunker
    lip depth.

ZLINE Edge Products